Cronos Ecosystem Programs
Cronos Labs supports a number of hackathon programs. Follow the link below to check out past, current and upcoming hackathons.
Cronos Ecosystem Grants
The ecosystem grant program focuses on accelerating the implementation of infrastructure components, developer tools, product integrations and education programs that are critical for the development of the Cronos ecosystem.
Most grants are in the 10,000 to 50,000 USD range, but they can be customized depending on the nature of the partnership. Grantees receive technical support and marketing support, and introductions to strategic partners.
Cronos Accelerator PROGRAM
The Cronos Accelerator Program is a 10-week remote program that runs 3 to 4 times per year, with 10 startups each time. Each startup is provided mentorship, master classes, marketing and financial support, and introductions to strategic partners. The curriculum ends with the demo day, which kick-starts discussions about fund raising.
Cronos Labs Incubator
Cronos Labs incubates talented Dapp product development teams and provides them with the means and tools to create outstanding DeFi and GameFi applications.
Examples of recent projects include: VVS, Tectonic, Ferro and Minted.