Supported Projects
This page highlights projects and teams that have received Cronos Labs support. To browse more than 250 Dapps and services available on the Cronos chain, visit the website.
Projects Incubated by Cronos Labs
VVS Finance
VVS Finance is an efficient automated market maker that offers low fees, fast transactions, and competitive liquidity rewards.
Tectonic Finance
Tectonic is a robust money market for earning passive yield and accessing instant backed loans.
Ferro is your trusted stable swap venue on Cronos. Coming soon! Click the link below to follow on Twitter.
Orbit is a decentralized stable coin lending protocol.
Grant Recipients & Ecosystem Partnerships
April 2022

DG Pals - Multi-genre NFT Game Project that features collectible virtual pets.

Defira - Metaverse fantasy world fusing the concept of DeFi and GameFi.

Argo Finance - Liquid staking protocol to stake CRO on the Cronos chain.

Eat The Blocks - Leading online coding school for Web3 development.

New ecosystem partnerships:

Moralis - Suite of developer tools, hosted databases and servers for web developers who build decentralized applications.

Protofire - Blockchain development services, will be expanding infrastructure tooling on Cronos.

Chainalysis - Data platform to detect and prevent the illicit use of cryptocurrency.

Covalent - Unified APIs that provides visibility to billions of blockchain data points.

Blockdaemon - One of the largest independent blockchain node infrastructure platform.

RockX - Provides both free and paid Node API for Cronos developers.

Witnet - Decentralized oracle that gives smart contracts access to all sorts of valuable data sets.

Gelato Network - Decentralized bot network used by web3 developers to automate smart contract calls.
February 2022

Thetanuts Finance - Crypto structured products and vaults with various options strategies.

Ebisu's Bay - NFT marketplace where users are able to create, buy, sell, and trade their favorite NFT on Cronos.

Lootex - Multi-chain GameFi and NFT marketplace.

Cronos News - News and publication platform focused on the Cronos ecosystem.
January 2022

Entropify - "Loss-less" capital efficient crypto derivatives platform.

Single Finance - Capital protected yield farming. - Order flow tracker.

Agora - NFT marketplace on Cronos.

Legends of Mitra - Your Kingdom Mitra, has been invaded by Oblivion Horde and inflicted by the
Curse of Crimson Fell. Mitra has been destroyed, forcing you and those who survived to escape.

The Cronicle - Media outlet focused on the Cronos ecosystem.